Adoption and a Break (Slight-Randimonium Post)

Sarah and I talk more and more about adoption right now .

Sarah and I are looking forward to the next season, my brother's wedding, a massive amount of Chapdelaine family in one place and a break.

I used to think it most honorable to stick your head down for a long period of time and accomplish a lot of tasks, missions, work (like, head down for years at a time).  Then I realized how fast people burn out without refreshing and a fresh pouring in of life.

Some can do that for long periods of time.  Sinkhole syndrome can happen so fast with that perspective on life.  (Search Sinkhole, and Sinkhole syndrome if you're curious about that one.  I've blogged about it before).

So, i'm going to lift my head up in a short time to enjoy uninturrupted time with Sarah (a lot more than just the bike ride I just posted). 

May God have His way.  Continue Your work, Lord.  Continue to pour out life into your people.


  1. I think I nee more people like you in my life.


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