Life is hard.

...and walking with God doesn't make it easier.

If there's one thing I have found God wants to erase completely in my life, it's pride. The way to erasing pride is dishing out the humility.

"We better trash our idols if we want to be
In the army of the Lord
And the greatest idol is you and me,
We better get on the threshing floor
When will we learn that God's strategy
Is giving glory to the Lord?
We better trash our idols if we want to be
In the army of the Lord."
Jason Upton - "Dying Star"

As I get deeper in the bible and the teachings of Jesus, I realize that he preaches the opposite of what I see in the world: if you want to go up, you have to go down; if you want to be great, you have to become poor...yeah, stuff I've heard since I chose to follow Jesus. Now i've reached a point where these things are played out in my life, though.

And it is so hard.



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what he is teaching you Dave. Ben and I are with you on that journey of those things being "played out".


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