So, I listened to Mike Bickle's "Power of a Focused Life." It is by far, the most passionate and practical thing I have heard in a long time. Based in the Word (which I cannot find the verse? some help, please!), he points out that people "perish" not die outright, but slowly waste away. Yuck. Brings the Sarlacc pit to mind.

OK, so I also listened to his Power of a Focused Life on bible teaching, which is pt. 2 (all this is available on and I decided to start reading. He recommends reading a top-10 list of books.

So, this past week, I started. Here's why i'm excited: i'm waking up early, i'm beginning to focus and i'm reading 200% more than I was the week before. I think that's progress!

I've thought about it for years: A book I've never really touched Isaiah, minus some of the awesome "bind up the brokenhearted" type-stuff. So i'm reading it. I am gaining the perspective of this prophet. I think i'd like that for a job, actually. Honestly: it's probably one of the toughest jobs out there.

Props to Schultz' 'Schultzee Time' - this former roommate of mine is going strong through the word. Check it out. Keep on, Brother in Arms.

I'll post some of my understandings as I go through. It's great to be reading the bible daily again. It's been too long. Something like 49% (don't remember the stat exactly) of Jesus Freaks actually read the bible regularly. I must know more about this thing I've played Russian Roulette with for so long. Thing; AKA, Words of God.

As far as the 15-minute intervals of planning my schedule, let's just say i'm 1000% more planned than I was two weeks ago. I'm doing every 30-60 minutes planned. (thank you, Google Calendar).

It's a marathon. Praise God.


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