You Are My Rock (You Are My Refuge)

"David, what are you doing posting another song when the one you posted the other day isn't finished?"

I know, I know.

But, upon finding it buried in a website, I wanted to post it:

You Are My Rock
(Nashville Notation)
You are my rock and there is no other
You are my rock

You alone are my strength 
4/6m                            4         (you can play this line with just the 4 chord, if you want) 
You alone are my strength 

4                6m
You are my refuge 
5                 1/3
You are my tower of strength 
4                 6m
You are my shelter 
5               1/3
I run into your name 

4         6m     5
I run into your name 
1/3      4   6m    5
I run into your name 

Possible Arrangement: drop-D 
1: 0100232 
2: 222000 (barred) 
1/3: 4×0230 
4: 5×0035 
5: x02220 
6: 024430 
5/7: 040230

Again, Nashville transposing website:

...but, I suggest learning is so quick to transpose!


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