"22 Weeks" - the movie I do not want to see

It's been awhile since I have posted simply my thoughts and conversations in general. I think I could actually say "years". Here's something that hit me deep yesterday.

While breaking yesterday, I noticed a link on IHOP-KC's Tweet for a movie titled "22 Weeks." I saw it was an indie-type promotion, and figured it was probably surrounding a serious topic. When I went to the site and watched the trailer, something inside me moved. Or shifted. I'm not sure.

I think the something was my spirit. From the trailer, the movie (22 Weeks) is about a young woman who has an abortion and is then (mistakenly?) locked inside a bathroom inside the clinic. The trailer got my attention, it wasn't some cheese-trailer for a Christian B-Movie.

It has been a long time since I have felt a stir that deep to pray for the women who are in this situation. Not in a bathroom in an abortion clinic, but debating inside on what to do, before the clinic.

In Greater Cincinnati, we have a few abortion clinics. One is located in Clifton, which is known for being the urban college-town of University of Cincinnati. It is the closest clinic to my home. Therefore, I pray for the women (and men) who are considering the choice to end their child's life.

I did not spend a lot of time praying...just a couple minutes. However, I am still carrying a weight today, in my spirit, to help this situation become no more.

I also pray with a burden for more believers to open their homes. There are many people who have a home they can open, an extra room or part of a room, to bring in the ones that are being born. All day I thought of our little one, and how close (statistically) she could have been to not being here in our world at all. Homes are needed. I know that with budgeting and a little faith, many homes of the Church body can love these little ones and give parents a different option. What is more: they can have a beautiful child to love, grow and nurture. I (and You!) must make adoption a positive alternative to abortion. Parents today would rather end the lives of their children than put them up for adoption. True. One family at a time, we can take them back.

Yes, this is a pro-life posting. I do not subscribe to every other pro-life stance, so don't group me with others you have heard before. I stick to my own convictions, thanks!

22 Weeks The Movie I do, and do not, want to see.


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