I just realized...

...i've had this blog for almost 5 years. That's pretty amazing.

I'm currently learning a lot about life, organization and technology in my internship with MTech Solutions. The past few days i've been cranking through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (most people have heard of this...mid-90's, very popular). I'm finding it very stretching to my mostly disorganized life, oddly enough, I like it. I've needed a book like this for some time.

I have been reading books from a great publisher I had not heard of until my training called Head Start. If you ever have a need to learn something math or computer related, and you don't want to go to the same old text books, try any book by this publisher. It's like the pink bubblegum medicine form of learning: still gets the job done but tastes great.

Adventures in foster-parenting is always interesting. Just finished 2 hours of training the other night @ a support group for NKY foster parents. I learned this: if you have teenagers, foster parenting is much different. Reactive attachment disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, and many other wounds come out in those years.

Visiting my parents in Cleveland for a few days, baby and all. Should be great.

Back to work. Break's over!


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