Modern Day Partnership - We're so "Mod"

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We've begun a partnership through a great organization called Modern Day Missions.  Their calling: to send laborers to the field, streamlining the administrative side of things (which some of us spend 2-3x the amount of time working on because it's not totally our gifting, when we have to...some of us...)  Modern day creates an easy avenue for giving, their interface is simple, secure and straight-forward.  

Go check out our profile here.  If you'd like more information about the work we do, just email me so we can setup a phone/in-person meeting - I'd enjoy the opportunity to share with you the work in prayer meetings and adoption support we've been doing.

For those of you who are monthly partners, our monthly newsletter (Aug/July-in-review) will be out shortly.  Thanks so much for your generosity and faithfulness!  We're sustained in our efforts to equip the Church of Cincinnati to pray and adopt through your support for 5 years now!  To God be the glory, forever.

So, this happened.  I understand - It's been a few months, but the adoption of our youngest three kids is a big deal.  Here's a proud picture of mine.


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