The Departure of Rockstar Worship Leaders

Two months ago my friend Alex shared this blogpost with me. There is a difficult divide for the modern musician when it comes to the role of a "lead musician" in the body of Christ, and a tempting 'Rockstar' attitude for those who lead The Church in singing praises to God.  Mostly, cues are taken from the worldly model of band leaders showing off and accepting attention from those attending concerts.

Take a look at bro-Don Chapman's perspective of the 'changing of the guard' in present day worship in America.

The danger? That we would do the same as the fallen angel, and turn to receive praises of the body, attempting to steal from God what will be eternally due to Him.  He will be praised, and we are foolish to think that we will be successful in this stealing.

[God, empty me of all sin in this area, that Your Church would praise You and You alone.]

This may be a half-dozen posts in development. 

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