The Tough Questions: David's Favorite App of the Week

File this under Spiritual Development.

"Favorite App of the Week" could become a I find so many apps to help with productivity when I'm on the go, and my phone is ready to blow up with the amount of things I use it for.

A resource I have found helpful since it's release is Pastor John Piper's "Ask Pastor John."  There's an app for iOS and a Podcast, Android, too.

John Piper's perspective is from 3 decades of standing as a pastor and priest; most importantly, one who loves to learn and declare truth.  He's very honest, not afraid to say "this is my opinion" and is confrontational with love to make it easy to hear his answers without cringing with judgement and the feeling of condemnation.

What I appreciate about the inter-webs is that it has made resources from multiple perspectives within the Christian faith available in a seconds' notice (depending on your connection).  I'm able to 'sit down for coffee' with John Piper by just opening the app.

He answers tough questions:
"When should I leave my church?"
"Is tithe still relevant today?"

Direct link to the audio via the web:


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