Derek Loux

I just remembered a story. It just so happens to be the reason I'm doing so much of what I am now. Adopting children and worship leading specifically.

After a little clinic session, Derek Loux told Director (at that time) Rusty that I should start a set. "Get him started," He said.  That was enough encouragement for me, despite a lot of lack of maturity and skill.

No, it's not an anniversary of Derek's life, birth, death or anything like that (that I know of).

I am reminded of the desire inside of me to have a wake of influence that glorifies God.  It may not look the same as Derek, but his passion, commitment and boldness to speak what he believed about children and orphans, music and Jesus was motivating for me.  I know there are many who live in the wake of Derek...

...who lived in the wake of God.

"and I will be a Fragrant Burning..."

Derek on "Fatherlessness" (Thanks, Mr. Cone)

There's a reason you clicked on this post.  How was your life impacted by Derek's?


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