Foster Care and Adoption, Part I


In 2008, Sarah and I attended a day-long prayer meeting.  It was kind of an event for us.  We spent time fasting and praying before that, praying together and getting ready the best we knew how.

During a portion of that meeting, we focused and prayed for children, namely orphans and those who needed adoption.  While praying, it was very obvious to me that God was calling me to be an adoptive father.

Kids were definitely not on my radar...I mean, seriously, we were DINK-ing it.  It was a fun time in our lives, both Sarah and I finally working full-time, owning a little house.  Yes, kids is the next  step, but it wasn't really on my mind.

So, there I was.  Three people around the room came to me after the meeting and said they noticed me and began to pray for me specifically about adoption while we were praying for these orphans.  The third person was Sarah, my wife.

So, that settled it.  Time was the only variable in question at this point.


Sarah's the specific-detail-person of our family, but the way I remember it, the next week we looked into how we could go through classes and get a home study.  We found out that we could have the classes paid for by the state if we took foster/adoptive classes from the state.  This would also include a home study, which, you probably know costs a pretty $1-2K.  Fortunately, our county was having classes at that moment.  Unfortunately, they had started just a week prior to us calling.

The woman that Sarah talked to said something to the tune of, "yes, you're a week late... but you're allowed to miss two classes, so... I'll sign you up...just don't miss another class."

Wow.  So, there we were in foster-care classes wanting to get approved for adoption.  No, we didn't get into this for foster care, but I'll explain how we grew a heart for foster care in Part II.

*If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or an adoptive parent in Northern Kentucky or anywhere else, feel free to email me.  I can connect you with resources and good folks to get you started.


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