Intercessory Missionary? Why not 'Intern,' 'Pastor,' 'Worship Leader,'...

I was at the guitar store a couple months ago. A guy asked me what I did - I answered him - and he asked me, "so, why are you praying full time?" There are a few answers to this.
I said "I believe that God hears my prayers and answers them, and as I think about full time ministry in our current world - I want to know God, not just about Him. That is what I see as success in minsitry.
His response, suprising: "Wow, that really spoke to me."

Intercessory Missionary?  Why not 'Intern,' 'Pastor,' 'Worship Leader,'...
...or 'musician' or...

I've heard this question a lot over the past year.  It sticks with me and helps me focus myself - I think it's absolutely beneficial for me to consider what we're doing. Every time I ask myself this question, I come back with a deeper understanding of what it is I'm doing, and a re-fired passionate focus for what I'm doing because I know why.

This verse comes to mind a lot when I reflect on this particular question:

4But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. 5Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.

Given the current trend of the church (some tidbits i've read as I ponder this question over the past year):

3 out of 4 church plants don't continue after 3 years.
90% of pastors will not continue in any sort of full time ministry after 3 years
1 in 2 marriages will end in divorce (yes, I believe that calling and work life have a major effect on this)

Add to this the number of pastors trapped in pornography, emotional affairs, physical affairs, [insert painful-ensnaring-sin here], etc - it strengthens my stance.

My plan is to continue as long as the Lord sustains me in this. Because I believe that this city needs prayer.  And I need to communicate with God.  And I need to undersatnd this Guy i'm praying to more and more each day.  My sustaining comes through faithful partners, thank God.
By no means is this the 'safe' calling - that I am void of all temptation.  In fact, I am more aware of spiritual warfare now than I ever have been in my life, and see how the enemy attacks my family and I more now than any other phase in my life.  The thing that I have found that is safe, though, is being close with the Lord and knowing His heart.  I would go so far to say that if a pastor of a church does not have intimacy and prayer with the Lord, he is endangering himself and his church.  I find that it is my lifeline now, to pray and intercede for the Lord's will first - getting things done based on the things I pray second.

The key to this journey, based on my understanding of the Bible and history, is intimacy, focus and following the Holy Spirit.  If I am to succeed today, I must be close with my Creator.  Thank God for His Holy Spirit who draws me close to Him and does not push me away when I bring requests to Him.



  1. I can totally relate to this post. Pray without ceasing is the verse that comes to my mind. That and the details of this post are the life for those called to intercessory prayer. Pray on David, pray on. I pray for you, please pray for me, my name is Susan. Thanks & Jesus bless you.


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