As of two nights ago, we are going to be parents again, of twin baby boys.  Honestly, right now - it's a little overwhelming - but we're getting the ball rolling - because - get this, they're coming in less than 3 weeks.

Yep, we're adopting!

There's a lot still to do and to prepare for.  We're looking at cribs, high chairs, etc - even though we have those already, now we need a second.  Yikes.  Fortunately there are things that we can have the boys share - i'm guessing they won't mind for awhile.  I've discovered that at around 3 years old they may have some issues with sharing...

Randy Bohlender's website, blogs and podcasts on adoption have been helpful.  Lots of help for us now as we move forward, including the post "What I'd Do Faster" (or something like that), including tips on asking for help (which i'm getting better at/will have to be better at with all these kiddos).

By no means could we have even gotten this far without help from our good friends the Fairchild's, tips, hints and advice about what to look for next - as well as support and encouragement from our community of friends here in Cincinnati to continue on, and just love and prayer in general as we moved forward.  If you're thinking of adoption, assemble your team of adoption help - it helped sustained us (and will help sustain us!)

We pray the mom holds to her decision, is well rested and continues to take care of herself and the little guys (yep, boys.)  Thanks for reading - there will be more as we go - maybe a little travel-blogging...hmm.  We shall see.



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