The Outpost

Being at a small house of prayer is great.  Difficult, with unique challenges.  There is a neat culture about this little room, though.

Most that have heard of the "House of Prayer" know the large house of prayer in Kansas City.  24-7 for 11+ years, live web stream on computers and handheld devices - often I hear it referred to as the "mothership."  And, it really is a mother-ship - it gives birth to a vision of prayer at all times - long hours of intercession and engaging with the God in conversation, "contending for cities to come to know the truth."

For a full-timer, I find the messages coming from the mother encouraging, even from 500 miles away.

I know right now I am called to the city of Cincinnati.  A friend currently at IHOP knows they are called to their hometown, too.  They shall return to their city after their time of training, and settle into their Outpost.

That's what I heard these little houses of prayer called a couple weeks back.  When the settlers of this nation moved west, often there were little stopping points with a little food, shelter - almost like beacons; rest stops across the nation for the travelers headed west (I learned a lot about them in 4th grade California history).  I'm guessing, without these small stops, many would have died.

There was also an opportunity to settle in these outposts.  Some did.

Think about the dudes and dudettes that settled at these outposts so travelers could stop.  Everyone's on their way to San Francisco for gold, or up to Seattle for the ports, and some are settled in the middle somewhere.  Modern day, many people are called to be in Cincinnati for work, family, etc.  They need a praying outpost, a place that prays for them, their city, and a place they can come to pray.

Our outpost has a 11 year history as well.  It's got a different feel (no, we have no web feed!), but this city needs prayer.  This city needs Jesus' love and revelation - so we continue on praying without the mega-awesome web streaming website or days and days of full bands; any of that.  However, it actually is quite beautiful; without the lights, without the thousands of people - we continue to pray because, as I learned in college:

Recipe for prayer:
1.) 1 person
2.) 1 prayer

Stir all ingredients together, deliver to God.  Serves: all.

Holding down the fort - David

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