Hymn Lines, Hymn Titles

There are good hymns, and there are poorly written hymns.  And there's "Yoda's favorite hymn..."

Just 'cause it's a hymn, doesn't make it holy.

I laughed out loud at the awkward hymn lines post from blogger David Good.  Here's a second he's posted: Bad Hymn Titles

"Bad" - now, wait a second...that's pretty harsh!

I'm slapping my knee and saying - "whooo!  that's good!  ha ha ha!  that's good."

And I, one day, may even write one of these "Bad Hymns." Not what i'm shooting for - but it will be worth it for the practice, no?  Just don't publish it in a hymnal.


P.S. - I must note, he mentions "Supper Time" in the latter post - which is a family favorite.  I've actually played it...


  1. Glad you enjoyed my poking a little fun at some hymns. Truth be told, I am a real lover of good hymns. I will have to come up with a list of bad worship song titles just to be fair:)


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