Fragrant Burning - Derek Loux

Since I was unable to find this guitar chord chart online, and others may be interested in having it - I decided to figure this song out and share what I had.

Here you go! Unfortunately, I think the only way to find this album is directly from the Loux family or Forerunner Music

He plays the song in C# on the album - for transposing purposes, I made it simply in "C". Listen to song for timing, of course.

Fragrant Burning
Derek Loux

Verse 1
C Am Dm G
All my triumphs I count but loss
C Am Dm G
All my failure I leave behind
C Am Dm G
I have one vision your rugged cross
C Am Dm G
I have one mission to come and die

C Am Dm G
And I will be a fragrant burning
C Am Dm G
I’ll wash your feet with my tears
C Am Dm G
My love will be a poured out offering
To you (yeah)

Verse 2
I have one banner your endless Love
I have one passion to see your face
And I’ve one manner your kingdom come
I’ve one obsession to sit and gaze

Fragrant burning for you
Nothing compares to You (2x)
Nothing compares (2x)
Compares to You


  1. Hey Guys - I just remembered - we have some great talks by Derek at the Cincinnati House of Prayer website - - he spoke many times and held conferences here about adoption, music, etc. Check it out in the media section of the site. Be blessed.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Could not find it anywhere else!
    You were blessed - as you know - to have Derek... a lamp that burned and gave light, and you chose for a time to enjoy his light....
    blessings from


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