Prayer & Boldness

Since this blog tends to be a select audience, I wanted to share this thought from Mark Driscoll about prayer. 
Pastor Mark is one of my favorites because he keeps his focus on practical spirituals...I like to blend him up with teachings from Mike Bickle (IHOP-KC), Billy Humphrey (IHOP-Atlanta) and R.C. Sproul & David Jeremiah (just a few) to help round out my thoughts when soaking up teaching.
His perspective is "shut it all down" - which I think i've heard many times from the guys at Houses of Prayer...but he highlights the need to silence all.  Alistair Begg spoke on this while I was attending Parkside in Cleveland.  Our culture is so busy, we often forget what silence is like; we have the opportunity to come before the God of the universe with the things that are difficult.  He is faithful to listen and to answer.  Yet, we're so wired up and connected that often we're not connected.
And talking with God, hearing from Him gives me the boldness to carry out the task, make the decision or go the direction in the relationship I am praying about.
Here is the article I read if you're interested:
Gonna go plug in now,


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