Bought a House, Acts 2:42, I Lack Discipline

Hey Friends,

We just bought a house. I'll post some pictures soon...don't worry. I have some things that God is brewing inside me, though. I just read an article based on Acts 2:42...and it has me question the way I live my life as a Christian. Question with me.

The scripture is about the early church's priorities. It is about what they did after Holy Spirit fell down from heaven.

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

I started writing this blog about our new house because I believe God gave us the opportunity for a place to grow in these such areas. I desire our house to be a place where God's teaching is focused on...where real fellowship is had, where we eat unto the Lord and where we pray. I am uncomfortable knowing that my life is not full of these things. I believe that all of these areas are pointed out for a reason. They are not generic terms that God wrote in His word. They are not the things that we grew up knowing based on church. My church, my body, needs to be all of these things.

Unless I fight it, I default to selfishness. Oh God! I cannot do these things in full apart from Your Spirit!

I want to live simply in our home. I want to open up my doors to see faces daily for fellowship. I want what God wrote in His word. I want to share my food. I want to delve into deep teachings.

Oh Lord hear my prayer.


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