What if we were all people...?

I flipped on the TV yesterday and watched a bit of Oprah. Yes, Oprah. That's not the point of my post, though. I noticed how many commercials aired for the election coming up, and how most of them were crapping on candidates for things they did

Senator Kerry's remarks about Bush the other day interested me. I thought about John Kerry and George Bush's relationship to each other. Would John say that straight to George's face?

I think about it on a more personal level: I do not think that commenting to a third-person party before talking directly to the person is that "professional," or relational. I know, politics are politics. The war is fought in front of a crowd, and is hardly personal. Still, I am concerned about our leaders in this political game. George W included.

If I can learn one thing from the politics around this time of congress majority and going to the polls, it is that I want to be a person who is upfront with their knowledge and opinions, and a person who can discern between the two.

(this is mostly opinion :-) )



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