Waiting on The Lor....no, wait, me.

I (David) made some time today to spend seeking out what is really going on in my heart. That is, after I was done surfing the web. The internet can be a huge distraction to me. I finally peeled my butt out of the chair this morning, showered, and headed down to a local coffee place. (errr...starbucks. It's hard to pass up a $1.22 cup of coffee...)

As I arrived today, there was a guy playing guitar with a harmonica dangling around his neck. I was thinking "yeah, this is where I am supposed to be." I just knew it. I sat down after ordering a cup "for here" and waited for it to brew before it came out. Awesome. Nothing like my own mug to sip. Paper cups are cool for that 2-minute coffee-stop, otherwise, I want to feel like I belong in the place I am sitting. If I am drinking out of a cup that I have to give back, I belong; kind of like a nice restaurant.

Anyways, I was able to connect with the guy who was playing, and we chatted for a bit about music and the Cincinnati area music scene. It was such a devine appointment, as he told me about some cool spots for open-mic nights and originals-only bar nights. Who knew? (not me!) I was instantly interested, and plan on checking out the nights sometime soon.

Simply said, I love knowing that there are places for musicians to play. I also like knowing that musicians are around...I am not the only one.



  1. I long to spend a day with you in the city bro. I want to smell the coffeem, hear the music and talk into the night.


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