It's already the fourth week of classes. Wow. I don't remember last semester starting out this fast. This being the second semester of RA-ing could have something to do with that. I'm used to my floor, all my new neighbors are awesome to get to know, and the returners are just cool in general. All the guys on G-Floor West respect each other, or are learning to respect each other, and that's what is making this floor's community what it is.

I titled this "prophecy" because I have just stumbled on a real-life situation in the past week, and God has given me me revelation about His prophecy in my life. My revelation is derived from a speech given by Graham Cooke. Graham says "God gives you a prophetic word [a word about your future] so you can go there in the Spirit and bring it back to the present." Graham goes on to explain that God gives us a word about our future so we can live out of that now. We receive words of prophecy from a person, or God Himself can tell us. God places desires in our hearts, deep in ourselves. That desire will only be met in Him. When we listen to God's words about our future, we can receive purpose in our present.

Post-Prophecy Processing: "Now that I know what the Lord purposed me to do, I will strive towards that as my goal."

...and it's not exactly easy. The inconvenient sin factor makes it difficult for us to get to the point where we can do the thing we are passionate about; that desire God has placed in us. As I move into my desire, my purpose, I find that wounds from my past come up. (Wounds are lies that have taken root in our hearts...they've been there awhile) A good example, using my calling in music, is when I sat down to play the guitar a couple weeks ago I heard "that's not very good" and "you're never going to make a living playing like that." That's what I'm talking about. Lies that I have let take root in the back of my mind, and become the forefront of thinking once I sit down to do something, anything, that I want to work on.

There is a positive side: God is all-powerful, and He knows what lies we believe. Jesus will guide us through our wounds, if we let Him. He will tell us the truth about ourselves (that we are His inheritance! *Ephesians 1:18). We will get through the mess of lies we have believed. God knows us better than we know us, and He knows the truth of our purpose in life better than we know as well.

That's my revelation this week.


  1. That's cool bro..I really like the whole aspect of knowing what God tells us about the future so we can live it out now...interesting indeed...I wonder if anyone or God himself tries telling me things about my future so I can live it out now but I just don't believe them or take them truly seriously...let's face it there is a chance they might be wrong...but I guess that's when we take it to the spirit. I know the lies as well my friend...

  2. I think that sometimes when we do hear prophecy over our lives, we sometimes don't believe it. It's even hard for me to believe a prophecy given to me by another person.

    I think it helps to remember that negative thoughts about our futures are totally not God. God is not going to say to us "you're not going to be as good as ______ (person)" He's also not going to tell you that you're not essential to His kingdom. There is purpose for everyone on earth...and we need to pursue that out. I'm talking to the mirror because I often do not seek out what my purpose is. I'm idle a lot when it comes to asking God what my future holds. If He created me, He knows why. I just need to ask. Wild.


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