Negative Me?

"Show me a person who sees themselves in a negative light, and I will show you a person who sees others in a negative way." John C. Maxwell Be a People Person (116)

Ah...Mr. Maxwell has again put to words something I have been thinking about over the past weeks.

Why do I have a hard time treating Sarah well today?
Why can't I seem to enjoy my friends, or random people like I normally do today?

Why: I spent this whole past weekend concentrating on myself, my negative qualities, what I'm doing wrong, and what I need to do better. Sarah comes back from her weekend away, and I have a difficult time concentrating on her positive qualities. I have to really push myself out of the negative mindset in order to just listen to what her weekend was about without critiquing who she is, what she looks like, etc. It's a dangerous mindset to be in. This goes for everyone else I come in contact with as well. I could ward off anyone who comes within talking distance. A negative mindset is like bad my mouth, and people are going to be all offended. I would be (and I am). A negative person is not fun to be around.

So, deriving from the words that Maxwell pieced together, the problem is really that I have been looking at myself in a negative light. I see myself through lenses of darkness and not light. This understanding of the way my mind works also helps with seeing others: "When you realize that people treat you according to how they see themselves rather than how you really are, you are less likely to be affected by their behavior. Your self-image will reflect who you are not how you're treated by others. (Maxwell, 108).

"Jesus Loves me" is a statement for 100% of the time. Even when I am stinking up the place. That's an identity that is hard to embrace, yet, until I embrace it, I will not be able to share this love God has for me with everyone else (Christ believers as well as Non-Christ believers). "Replace my negative attitude with your love...ah! Your Love!"

Cheers to the way God sees us.


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