I used to be emo...

Welcome Back.

So, what does that mean? "I used to be emo?" Hum. Emo is a "sub-culture" growth, which has exponentially become more popular over the past couple years. It mostly includes teens and twenty-somethings who have adopted a 'heart on my sleeve' ideal. Much of the culture derives from music artists in the 'emo' genre.

When I was all about the emo way of life, I let my heart out and left it on my sleeve. I knew I was hurting, and I was not afraid to sing my lungs out and scream at the top of my lungs to my most heart-touched songs.

There will probably be more about this in later posts; this post is mainly about the change and condition of my heart now, post-emo...present-Jesus.


"...I have come to bind up the brokenhearted."

It was finally "cool" for me to bear my heart. For so long, I lived in this culture of covering myself up. I didn't have to cover my feelings, my memories, my heartbreaks. What did that mean, though? It meant reality.

Reality is that my heart has wounds. I have been hurt in my past. The greater reality, though, is that those wounds can be healed. When I feel the pain of a wound, I don't have to turn to emo music or coffee: the things that I bandaged my wounds up with before. Jesus said he came to heal us. "If they would turn from their ways, I would heal them." The times we hurt, I can bring it before the Lord and ask Him to take this and show me the wound in full. He can pinpoint exactly where my wound was delivered, show me how it was delivered, and offer truth in order to heal.

Jesus is real. Wounds are real. His healing is real.

More on emo later...the reality of now is that Jesus wants to heal us.



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