Happy-After Christmas!

I had a great holiday yesterday with my immediate family; the first here in Ohio, really...as we have traveled to Seattle for the past 22 years of my life (uh, yes...that's all of them!) All the gifts I recieved were such blessings. I got a digital camera from my parents, btw, which means I will now have photos to post of my own! No more waiting for others to take them. My mom gave it to me

It was great to hang out with my family on Christmas, giving and recieving love and gifts. I am learning so much about love and my family this trip. Previous journeys home have been a huge weight on my heart, a burden that I could not bear. Most likely this is because I took the weight myself, not allowing my Daddy to take the weight.


I've been reading Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald for a men's leadership course i'm in. The last chapter was about Wisdom and Knowledge in our private worlds. MacDonald describes people who are struggling with intellectually-dry times in their lives. He said that he encounters pre-occupied people: people looking for amusement. He defines amusement in its parts:

"...amusement...its literal meaning...it suggests function without thought. (a meaning "without"; muse "to think")." [2003, pg. 106]

When I find myself feeling bored, I start looking for amusement. I skip the worthwhile things and my time begins to slip away from the reality of my spiritual life...the real things going on inside of myself.


Check out my good friend's thoughts, @ Josh Coy's Blog. I am experiencing what his Christmas feels like as well. It also seems to go along with my thoughts in this post.



  1. Hello David! Ben M's & Josh C's friend here....saw you posted on Josh's blog..so went and looked at your blog. Good stuff man. That book you're reading sound extremely interesting!!! Anyways..thought I'd say hey. Check out my blog if ya like...


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