Tired of Letting You Down (Priorities.)


It's been all summer since i've posted. I apologize if you have been reading and missed new additions to my blog. I enjoy letting you in. Some things have really been challenging me lately about my desires.

What do I really want to do? Before last semester ended, Steve Rieske reminded me that what I want to do is what I will do. My heart reflects off the mirror of my life and the time I spend with people. What I really want in my heart is what will take priority in my life. It seems easy, so literal. Facilisimo. Not true, at least not in my life. There's something deeper. Something I don't understand. Why when I try so hard to schedule my days does a meeting come up, or something conflict with every single thing I try to do?

Scheduling isn't soley it. I must understand the real priorities in my life. My focus begins reflecting on the things that I really want. That means, not the things other people think I should do. It also means finding out what exactly I desire.


So what happens when I mess it up? What happens when we don't communicate the way we wanted to? I schedule time to hang out with friends, yet I find out later that I had other responsibilities? How do I ask for grace after grace after grace.....

It's so new for me to actually schedule my priorities. If I don't watch out, lies start to creep up, like what i'm hearing this past week:

"You're no better than when you were when you were a Freshman"
"You can't do this!"
"You don't have priorities."

And the truth for this:

"...though they stumble, they will not fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand..."
Ps. 37

I press on. I am growing.



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