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Welcome back,

Well, I have had an interesting couple days. Yesterday I could hardly move my body, therefore keeping me indoors the whole day, no classes, no walking, etc. I am pretty sure that I had some sort of flu yesterday, and my temperature didn't break until sometime last night. mmmm! Waking up in a pool of your own sweat! Yummy.

Today I haven't really eaten anything; i've just been downing the liquids as much as possible. Nick hypothosizes that it all started with something I ate. Yuck. Food grosses me out right now.

As far as the effects of sickness, I have found it very discouraging that I cannot concentrate on my readings for classes. I realize the truth of the situation though: I am sick! My stomache aches like no other, and my body is just tired in general. I was able to go to my classes today, but I still feel defeated. Like i'm not doing good enough...ugh! What a lie...

Despite the sickness, some great news from yesterday: I have been accepted to be an RA in Rodgers Hall next year. What's even more exciting is that I will be working with my good friend, Mika Johnson! What a blessing this is for me to know one of my sisters is gonna be in the same building as myself!


So what does it mean to have real friends? This has been a topic of my interest before here on Blogspot, but I'm finding out that I really don't know what that is most of the time. To be completely transparent, I have lived my life keeping people at a distance from my heart; or at least thinking I have kept them at a distance. Any time anyone gets too close, I have an immediate reaction to push them away. When I was younger, I thought that this was what 'cool' was. To be above everyone else; distant from everyone have secrets.

It all draws from many different situations in my life. Friends who turned sour on me in HS and the 4 or 5 moves from different schools when I was younger hurt my opportunities to make friends that were even somewhat real. I lived away from people; even my family I pushed out of my life. Only now am I seeing them come back into my life.

As I tread through the wounds and misunderstandings of my past, I feel a sense of reality set in. I am finally seeing things that have been so vague and opaque for too long in my life. I don't embrace them as my reality: I reject these lies and trade them for truth, for what is real!

Comments: I love them. You understand where I'm coming from? Let's chat.


Loving the U2 lately, BTW. 'The Joshua Tree' is timeless.


  1. Hey Dave,
    I really appreciate you being real with me and caring for me like a sister. It's totally awesome. I can majorly relate to your situation of pushing people out of your life and for similar reasons. At first I thought it would solve problems but in the end it just creates more and is ultimately more hurtful for not just myself but everyone around me, especially including those that love me the most. I've been realizing how everything is so connected. It can be very easy to believe (so selfishly) that the majority of our actions only impact us, but how false! Even though I do realize this I still fail many times to put it to practical use. It's so frustrating, and the sad thing is that sometimes I just don't care. Okay, enough rambling for now. See you monday :)


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