Something To Ponder

YoU hAvE jUsT bEeN PiMp KiSsEd! ToNiGhT aT mIdNiGhT yOuR tRuE lOvE wIlI rEaLiZe ThEy LiKe YoU. SoMeThInG gOoD wIlL hApPeN tO yOu At 1:00-4:00 Pm ToMmOrOw It CoUldD bE aNyWhErE.GEt ReAdY fOr ThE bIgGeSt ShOcK iN yOuR lIfE. If YoU bReAk ThIs ChAiN u WiLl Be CuRsEd WiTh ReAltTiOnShIp PrObLeMs FoR tHe NeXt 10yRs. SeNd ThIs tO 15pEoPlE iN 15mInUtEs

-I just got this message from one of my cousins. I read it, and then read it outloud to my roomate...and we laughed a bit. These things crack me up.

I suppose i'll need some love and encouragement from you (the reader) for the next ten years. No, I did not send this on.

-Relationship Problem-Ridden


  1. this is a message from Europe:


    your leadership affects everyone on this planet, think about it:stopbush

    if you think that this is political crap we are sorry for bother you

    if you're agree with the message or with what you read in our page,please, send this message to your friends or all over the world
    thank you


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