...and my heart still pumps human blood

A long week and a great ending to it all. It is so great being back around the people that care for me so much. I have so much confidence in the community in cru and the true friends I have. When people are calling you at 130a while you're doing hw just to make sure that you are doing ok it really takes you back. Do I really have this tight community? I can trust my friends to tell me whenever I am being a jerk. I can trust my friends to really open up and be real with me when they are hurting.

I have a challenge for those reading this; how well do your friends know you? Is there something that they don't know...something that is placed in the darkest corners of your heart? Does it scare you to think of their reaction when you tell them how dark your feelings are sometimes? It is tempting for me to just bottle myself up sometimes, and when I do, I reak of stale events and broken emotion. There is so much freedom in sharing your life with your friends. For my dudes, I am not talking about some girl. I am talking about being real and emotionally naked in front of people. Is there a person you could call right now if you felt totally alone that would validate your feelings and affirm you as a man (or woman)? Who would they be?

Just some things I was thinking about. My summer was aching for these type of relationships with my dudes. I am so happy to be back.

Much Love,


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