When You Can't Do Anything About It

When you have two jobs for a period of time, more than likely you're going to have them conflict at one point. That's my case right now, actually. I'm trying to figure out if I can work both jobs at the same time. They're both in the same complex...same mall. I could like dress half uniform for each job and act stupid about it, then run from job to job every half an hour. I could have "really bad diharea" or something.

Anyways, I'll try to figure out what that's all about. Right now I'm listening to Andrew W.K.'s "Never Let Down." Cheesy remade-80s rock songs. I hated the 80s...why do I like Andrew W.K.? I have no idea. His stuff is catchy, though. He's great in concert too...really really energetic and crazy.

New Beastie Boys album is good as well. I sound all mainstream...hmmm.



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